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Holiday Sew for Love
October 4th-6th, 2019

Sew For Love is where we sew for the needs of Hospice, Children, Adults, Pets, Police, Fire Fighters and sew much more. Some Items are: quilts ,tote bags, bears and other pocket love animals, cubie cushions, kitten cuddles, pillows and the list goes on.  We are always in need of volunteers to work at the many locations or at home.  Everything we get is donated to keep program going and then everything made is given locally.

Sew For Love has a BIG annual weekend community event in February and NOW SOME MINI event dates threw out the year due to the need. For 18 years volunteers have come together to sew over 10,000 items, all donated to over 30 local area charities.
Sew For Love is open to anyone over the age of 8 years old (both he’s and she’s). Volunteers can sign up for a single session or join us for the whole day. Sewing knowledge is great but not required. Volunteers will sew on machines and by hand, many non-sewing jobs are cutting, tracing, pinning, drawing and more. We have some machines but if you have a sewing machine and scissor please bring with your name marked on. We do have some treats but best if you bring water and snack.

Great Community Service hours earned while having lots of fun.

It’s not the numbers of items made, its ONE item finished vs none to donate. There for we have touched one life with something hand made by Sew for Love volunteers.
We make what we can, with what we have.  We recycle, we re purpose.
Donated items are: quilts, tote bags, Cubie cushions, pillows, Pocket Love animals (bears, bunny’s, owls, cats & dogs), changing pads, hats, pet quilts, Kitten Cuddles, cooling ties, rain ponchos, dry bags. Hospice memory bears and pillows.
Although the program is divided into “sessions” to allow volunteers’ to sign up for a specified time period which still allows them to take care of their other commitments. Many volunteers walk in and stay a couple of hours and end up being there for the entire day. HOME SEWING HELPERS ARE GREATLY NEEDED, call me please.
Donations we use are old clean blankets, pillows & towels for the pets, yarn, cotton fabric, denim, flannel, sherpa, polar fleece, vinyl, upholstery pieces or batting, fabric and thread scrap pcs nothing is too small.  Monetary donations are greatly appreciated too. Even food and water to keep us powered up (Chocolate and sweets are always good). Can food donations requested for the churches pantry for the homeless.

Sew for Love is not an official 501c program but we are associated with the companies that will provide you with the tax deductions allowable by law.            

Thank you Sew Sew Sew Sew much for your time and donations to our great program,
Michelle Zeiler,      408-406-3102 cell –text     [email protected] email

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19th annual Sew For Love is complete and in the books! As a team we were able to complete 644 items!! Just a few of the items were 100 Pocket Love Animals, 200+ tote bags, 60 Stress Balls, 120 quilts and amazingly 86 Cubies!

We had over 100 volunteers come and lend a helping hand. They helped stuff cubies, match quilt fabrics, machine sewed items, hand sewed items, and much more!!

The numbers are fantastic but I am truly blessed in the result of when one receives an item we created and the happiness that it brings to them.

Thank you to the folks behind the scenes. My husband for helping truck all of the supplies and donations to St. Paul Methodist Church, local business for their donations of food, fabric and raffle prizes!




Sew For Love completed 1800 items that went out to shelters in the local community! In our 3 day event we had 150 volunteers. 35 pre registered and 115 walk ins! That turned into over 1,000 hours of donated time! During that time we created pocket love animals, tote bags and quilts. We were also able to turn 50+ bags of material scraps into cubie chairs. Reducing our landfills by tons. Thank you all sew much!

 for more information.

We may not be moving mountains but we sure are moving and recycling fabrics and fibers. Love to ALL, Michelle (Founder)

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